OK I just wanna start with this tid bit of info. In 1981, when one of the very first home computers was available, my father brought home a Commodore VIC-20. I sat with that machine day in and day out reading the manuall and figuring out how it works. I created two video games with the coding that you see on that web site. Line 10 ='s and line 20 ='s so on and so forth. I say line 10 and line 20 because that's how programers did it back then so that we could leave room for more lines to be added. I created a reverse space invaders games where the space ships would drop bombs on the tanks. And I was in the middle of creating a very in depth D&D game, with tons of options, when my parents decided to ground me from the computer. Because they thought that I was playing video games on it to much. They had no clue that I was making them and then playing them LOL. I so wish they never detered me from my love for computers back then. But anyway it wasn't untill 1999 till I could get back into computers. I had just become a single father and went to a local community college for computers. One of the classes was web design. And I fell in love with this coding called html and the idea of making a web site that everyone would come to visit and find my information interesting. So I created my first web site called
A Single Fathers Advice I watched it daily and posted on forums for people to check it out. I was so excited when I hit my 1000th hit. Theres still only 1200 sutton hits there now lol. Oh keep in mind this site is hosted on a free host and they only allow so much bandwidth in an hour span so if every one is visiting it all at once then it will be shut down and you will have to check back in a couple hours to view it.

Then I designed a site for my friend who had a landscaping biz.
Garden of Edyn
Then I made my self a site My first personal site
It's now hosted on my server and I have a dotcom for it www.BushJohn.com
Yeah, that's my name for anyone who didn't know. I still prefere being called "Kid"
Then I recieved an email from one of my good friends and he addressed me as Kid Creation. Because around that time we was all calling each other "Kid" as slang. Like wassup kid. And since I was gettin into the web creations he just put it together on that email like that. So I told him that I liked that a lot and was going to use that as my onine nick name. And I have been using it ever since. So now you know how I got my name. And below are some more sites that I have created since then.
My web design site Future Web Creations
My hosting site Foxy Hosting
I created this because I wanted to teach everyone what I had learned
This is a Pool Site I created for Osbornes Oasis
This is a BBQ Site I created for DJ's Texas Style BBQ
A maid services site for a good freind from high school Almost Perfect Cleaning
This is for an online friend who came to my wedding. He has a Half Life Clan called Military Elite
A towing company in Maine where I bought my van from.Anytime Towing
My Dad's personal site. He's a fabulous sax player.Art Zoot Long
My sisters roms site with online games.Roms Fusion
Of course my video blog site Crazy-Tv.com
And the place where you can upload your vids @ 1337 Videos
I made this when the whole who's better thing was goin on. Britney vs Christina
I made this when I was into the lowcarb diet thing. Low Carb Rules
This is for people who use Yahoo Msn and Aol Chat. Chat Helper
This is a toplist for Harry Potter related sites. Harry Potter Topsites
I created this when I first discovered these php nuke style sites that allow you to have members and create a community. Onine District
This is for the cpg nuke themes for every one to use on thier online cpg nuke communities. I plan on expanding it to have skins and other type of themes. Theme Chooser
This is all the money makers that I have signed up for to make money off of my sites.Top Money Making Sites
All of these are toplist sites that either were undergrounds sites at first that I ran or had someone running for me. They are all now harmless portholes to other underground sites.

Elite Programs
This is gonna be my next hot site. It's of course what it says. The hotties from off G4 Tv. G4 Hotties
This is for my teen aged daughter from my 1st marrige. She makes those dolls that you see on the net. So I made her a site for them. But we never got around to finishing it. In time we will of course.Nikkys Dolls

For a list of all my sites click here


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